Judith DeYoung

Judith DeYoung -biography Judith DeYoung artist biography - Judith DeYoung Biography(April 2005)
Judith DeYoung

Judith De Young fell in love with Montana and its people, visiting Montana every summer or fall for several weeks every year since 1972. In 1980 she and her husband Bob purchased a log home on Lost Horse Creek in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, moving permanently to Montana in 1989 from Florida where they lived for 30 years.

Growing up on the edge of a small town in Northern Michigan she was free to explore the acres of fields, woods, hills, streams and lakes around the little village. She fished and hunted with family and friends, enjoying wildlife and being surrounded by nature. She and Bob have also fished and hunted from the Caribbean and Central America to Alaska and many areas of the United States and Canada.

Judith cannot remember when she was not creating something or learning a new form of art or craft. Now after several years as an accomplished Scratchboard artist of wildlife paintings she has returned to oil painting. "I am having a truly wonderful time using more color with a freedom and looseness not found in Scratchboard techniques. Using oils affords the use of a broader range of subject matter and gives me unlimited possibilities for experimentation and creativity".

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